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Cheap Summer Weekend at Whistler Village

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Whistler village is strictly pedestrian. In winter people probably clump around in ski boots from hotel to gondola to hill. My first thought is that it is like that Main Street USA area at Disneyland except with reasonable restaurants, alcohol, and more ways to injure yourself.

The Airy Charm of Kite Flight

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Anywhere a group gathers to do something fun, someone else is there to turn it into a thing-a-thon for money. Not so flying a kite. Any dork can fly a kite. We know because we did it, nary a corporate sponsor in sight.

Ottawa, A Source of Warmth

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Pierre Trudeau is dead and the Olympic Games are alive. A potential ice arena five miles long meanders through a lovely northern city. It’s late September and the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa, Ontario is still liquid. I stand at the…