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Reproductions of material from any Get Lost Magazine pages without written permission is strictly prohibited by law (and good manners).

About Get Lost Magazine

Get Lost Magazine, first launched in April of 1999, is an award-winning monthly publication of top-notch travel, adventure, natural history and lifestyle articles. The magazine is updated regularly with the latest stories, and the backlog of articles can be accessed through a search engine.

Our publication office is in Seattle, Washington. Our monthly publication and operations budget is nearly zero, thanks to low-tech standards, volunteers and slave labor. We strongly model our image after the Pufferfish, successfully resembling a very large operation using little more than electrons, bravado, and hot air. We are successfully making the transition to being a legitimately large and solvent Pufferfish through advertising revenue, affiliate programs, syndicated articles, and informational products.

Writers Guidelines

Get Lost Magazine runs on contributions, extorted services, and really cheap staff benefits like donuts and mawkish praise, so we do not yet pay for pictures and stories. We do try to provide exceptional exposure to our contributors' work, with award-winning format and layout and a listing in the contributors' index. Exposure in Get Lost Magazine has helped build many a writer's career. We also have gobs of fun. We're developing a secret handshake as well.

We encourage stories from around the world, preferring articles under 1000 words, text pasted into email. Word files are also fine. Pictures should be jpg or gif formats.

The author retains all rights and ownership to his or her original work, but Get Lost Magazine publishes only original and previously unpublished (in any form, including on the web) stories and illustrations. We're both cheap and choosy.


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